Mediasalt : eCommerce Solutions for WordPress

“Okay, so I have my website up and running – fortunately, the suggestion of the web developer to go with WordPress has paid off BIG TIME. Makes my life so much easier .. but now, I am interested in experimenting with selling some things on my website. I know it can be done, but what are my options?”

This monologue ever sound familiar? Today I explore some viable options for making your WordPress site a lean, mean, selling machine.

# 1: PHPurchase / Price: $49.00 – $99/00

PHPurchase is the WordPress shopping cart plugin that makes it simple to set up your WordPress store, track your orders offer discount, provide shipping options, integrates seamless with your current site design and layout, automatically creates the checkout process pages, & integrates with popular payment gateways (Paypal &

The goal of PHPurchase is to be extremely easy to configure and use allowing you to turn your WordPress site into a money generating machine. WordPress excels at allowing users to easily manage the content of their website, display photo galleries, run blogs, etc. PHPurchase is designed to allow WordPress to keep control of all the things that it does well while adding the ability to process credit card transactions.

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