We are all naturally competitive, that is why I am inviting you to join me in taking a 90-day challenge to lose 15-20 pounds (the right way) – and I’m confident if you join me you could set AND meet your own 90 day health goal.

Health, especially as it relates to nutrition has become a #1 concern in our personal lives, the news, and in the calls to reform in our food systems. Obesity is no joke; more than one-third of U.S. adults (35.7%) are obese. Approximately 17% (or 12.5 million) of children and adolescents aged 2—19 years are obese. In 2010, no state had a prevalence of obesity less than 20%. Thirty-six states had a prevalence equal to or greater than 25%; 12 of these states (Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and West Virginia) had a prevalence equal to or greater than 30%. (http://www.cdc.gov/obesity/data/trends.html)

I’ve realized the need for help in my nutrition goals for a while and have researched systems and options available. There are so many out there, but which one is “right” for me? That’s exactly what I am doing in my 90 Day Body by Vi Challenge. I have already seen and heard first-hand testimonies of my friends who have shed the extra weight and this has motivated me to join the 90-day challenge because I have a few pounds I desire to lose. They are going to be my support system along the way so I am not alone. What gets even better with the 90-day challenge is the opportunity to save a lot of money by going with a meal replacement shake. If you know anything about me, I am all about saving money; from $0.25 at the gas pump to 50% at the department store by using a simple coupon I clipped from the newspaper. For 30 days of Vi Shake you spend $50, but effectively save $50 in your budget (at least) and pounds off your weight – and you are eating better then ever. My personal plans involve a shake in the morning for breakfast, eat a nutritious FULL lunch, have a mid afternoon healthy snack, and end the day with a shake. I am committing and challenging myself to this for 90 days and measure the results.

A cyclist friend of mine who is currently doing the challenge has noted what 10 less pounds has already done for him – “it makes you get up to speed out of corners faster and gives you a better power/weight ratio for the key climbs. That’s a no brainer.”

Does it take thinking differently? Yep! Anything that is going to have different results from the way you are living now is going to involve different thinking. Obviously, what you are/ have been doing is not getting the results you thought, so join me in a 90-day challenge that is sure to radically change your life and outlook on what you eat.

If you are interested in taking this challenge with me I’d encourage three things.

  1. The first is to write down what goal, what change if possible, would you’d like to see happen in your life in the next 90 days.
    2. The second is to check out http://www.90DaysofVi.com website about the Body by Vi system I’ve found (and am using).
    3. The third is to make the 90 day commitment to go after your challenge. Sign up for the challenge by clicking on “Join the Challenge” on the 90DaysofVi.com website – and leave me a message there. I want to be your biggest fan during your 90 day journey.


in just 1 shake, you would have to eat: 1.5 cups Chopped Broccoli, 13 Whole Eggs, 5 Medium Peaches, 2.5 Chicken Breasts, 1.5 cups Frozen Yogurt, 1.5 cups Bran Flakes, 18 oz. Tomato Juice, 1.5 cups, shredded Romaine Lettuce, 5 oz. Cheddar Cheese, 3 cups Cooked Lima Beans, 15 Slices Whole Wheat Bread, 20 Spears of Asparagus, 1 cup Brown Rice, 2 cups Sliced Mushrooms, 30 Apples, 5 cups Chopped Celery (~10 stalks/whole), 3.5 Medium Tomatoes, 3 Pineapples, 30 Prunes

Any result, any real life change goal doesn’t just take the “want to.” It takes action, the first step to invest in what you need to get you from “here” to “there.” The Body by Vi (Visalus) system is legit – it’s no fluff – it’s the right tool, for the right time for you to make the changes you want.

*** People on Weight Watchers can choose to consume a Vi-Shape Nutritional Meal Replacement Shake as part of their food intake and include it with their points for that day. (2 points when mixed w/ water; 4 points when mixed w/ milk)

*** The ViSalus meal replacement shakes can provide diabetics with a low carbohydrate option for someone who is both overweight and has diabetes.