so i suppose this that part of the site where i am to tell you about myself .. well, i do not desire to get too detailed because why waste the time and who is really going to want to read about me? i leave a boring dull life! i do not mean to come across as negative in the least .. but i would like to reserve to have a little privacy even though this site will reveal more about me than i could possibly ever begin to foresee.

until i can hire a professional to offer some copy and major editing of grammar and punctuation, just know that i have a passion and desire for several things that include design (including graphic and web), photography (began back in high school while working on the yearbook staff) , politics (tend to be right of center and traditional, conservative values, Christianity (i do BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST – i make no apologies for this and be encouraged by scripture every time you visit the site – take a look at the bottom of every page!) and virtually anything that deals with technology (love the gadgets and gizmos)

the purpose of this site is a platform to share my thoughts, musings, adventures in life and to share with those that happen upon the site some helpful links to resources discovered.


what in the world do i do from day to day? depends on what time and what time of day.

by day, 8 to 5, i am privileged enough to work for The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association – the Christian evangelistic ministry that was founded around 60 years ago and named after the Rev. Billy Graham. i get to work for the greatest and most recognized ministry in the world and i have the rare opportunity to see how the ministry has grown, and more so how God has used Billy Graham, through the documentation of over 60 years through photography. yes, i work with negative film and digital to preserve and accurately archive the ministry – where it has been, where it is today, and where God is leading us.

so … i guess you could say, i am fair user of Photoshop CS4 – since i use it everyday to color correct, enhance/manipulate photos for print needs (in house and outside the organization). i am somewhat a semi-professional photographer as well and have the opportunity to see the living US Presidents (Jimmy Carter. George H.W. Bush, and Bill Clinton) in person with one eye closed.

as i learn more and more from a lifetime professional photographer, Russ Busby – Billy Graham’s personal photographer for over 50 years, i am getting opportunities to craft my love and continue the legacy of the Graham family.

when i am not at WORK, i run and operate an independent web hosting company based out of Kings Mountain, NC – BigHype Media LLC (http://www.bighypemedia.com) when i am not at work or at work, i am usually behind a computer somewhere doing something that deals with web design and growing the network for future business. is not easy, and i am always thinking of how i can attract another client. i do this by establishing a genuine friendship and do what i can to service their web needs and safe them money and avoid unnecessary expenses.

thanks for taking the time to view the site and continue to watch the site grow in content and musings!

– brad