So as not to disappoint the random 6 people that are currently following me via Feedburner I want to quickly provide an update to this weekend and this week coming.

I have been putting in overtime into a project that I am hoping will get picked up by our hometown newspaper The Kings Mountain Herald. The news publication is rather small but it definitely has potential in bridging the gap between traditional print and online media. I think it has shaped up quite nicely (let me know your honest thoughts –  Anything has to be an improvement to what they have now which is NOTHING! I also spent considerable time in locating an incredible plugin that now make the site viewable via a registered membership. There are some “teaser” articles that lead or encourage one to register with the site, and then there are others that are better “open” for everyone to read the full article = FREE. I have been dealing with the publisher for some time now – so I am eager to hear what he has to say on it. So far, it has been VERY RECEPTIVE and is getting some nice Google Analytics traffic with zero promotions; all the handy work of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Other than this significant project, the wife and I are still in the process of purchasing a piece of land for our future home. We hope to close by end of the month. Then it will be all of a waiting game to find someone to buy our current home. Once this happens – we will be ready to build with Adam Forbes Construction (a good friend of the family).

There are some other things that I will need to use to fill in the gap for the week – so not everything at once. Like the incredible recommittment I have recently inclined myself to my church and Jesus Christ as a minister of the Gospel. Really got inspiration last night while attending an ordination service for a good friend from church.