it always seems that with every step forward, there are two steps back.

that has been the way i have felt for time now since trying to acquire my personalized domain name. for anyone who has known me for some time, i claim to have some knowledge when it comes to computers, technology, and the Internet. well, i must admit – i have allowed one thing to slip, and i mean S-L-I-P, right through my fingers over the past two years. i never took stock in registering my legal name as a web domain name. it has always been a thought, but i never acted on it until i discovered it was too late. someone else with my exact name “brad huss” had registered the domain and was using it for his real estate business. you have no idea how awful i felt when i discovered this. what was i do to? my only option was to register the next best thing – i have poured in many hours into shaping up this domain ( and staking claim as it my own. i have even posted the url out there on a lot of my public profiles. even made several posts on some interesting articles i have found or written myself.

all that is not in vain. but what a S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E i got most recently to find out that the previous registrant of the domain did not renew the domain. could this be possible? was this even conceivable? surely, he will eventually renew it and i will continue to be in lifelong envy for

guess what? i endured 90 days of utter anticipation. hoping and waiting. praying and being optimistic.

it all paid off! as of August 10, 2009  i PROUDLY, and OUT RIGHT own you just have no idea of the joy i have inside to finally realize that now i am making two steps forward in the right direction.

i am now looking forward to the satisfaction of using my personalized as my little corner of the “Interwebs.” i still have some content to sort through and the need to initiate an agenda of topics and posts to make on the site – but one thing is for sure, i owe a debt of gratitude to the previous “brad huss” for not renewing the domain.