invitation definition

in·vi·ta·tion (in′və tās̸hən)


  1. an inviting to come somewhere or do something
  2. the message or note used in inviting
  • enticement or allurement
  • I promise this is not going to be a long one. I at least owe you this from yesterday discussing direction. However, I just want to provide a meditative thought for the afternoon and evening. (even though I have been meditating and allowing it to marinate since lunch yesterday).

    Have you ever thought of inviting God to be part of your day? I know it may not be the most “theologically” sound, because He is always involved in the lives of those that are His children and call him Father, but sometimes we need to express the desire to have God be a part of daily lives. Sometimes we overlook our total dependence upon Him and go through the day on our strength. At the end of the day we reflect and look on what we have done .. and not what God has done through and in us.

    My challenge to you today; invite God to be part of your day. God desires to be an integral part of your life in the most intimate way. Allow him that desire. I promise you will be amazed!