(This one goes out to all my “techno junkies”, web designers out there or anyone who has a website and would like to add the feature of a STREAMING AUDIO PLAYER.)

I have been on a crusade of sorts for the past several months to find and locate a functional option to offer to my freelance website projects that desire an audio player. I have come across one most recently for WordPress, and it works for my client, but I want to “jazz” it up a bit for my personal website. So, in my efforts yesterday, I think I might have found one that does just the trick. It is non-obtrusive, hides elegantly at the bottom of my website, and even offers the feature to pop-up a window and listen to the songs I have loaded to my website. If no pop-up action is desired, no worries, it plays ever so nicely at the bottom. You can skip to the next song, rewind to a song selection – but the pop-up selection really provides the best control to make the manual selection of songs. I am no longer limited to the songs I can load. As long as I have web storage, I can load the songs to Streampad.

As you can see from the screenshot, this is solid option and it visually appealing.
Streampad screenshot

The only drawback  to Streampad – is it is powered by AOL. I must admit, I have been with AOL since my first computer back in 1996, just after high school and my first year in college. I rarely, if ever, use AOL anymore, but this looks like a nifty feature and I give credit to AOL. Nice work AOL!