In case you have not discovered this latest alternative for listing real estate properties, you need to check it out. Though it is just in the beginning stages and much is to be sorted out, this site has potential to be an online rival to some larger sites that require substantial fees to list properties for sale by owner or real estate broker. I think the pricing structure is straight forward and affordable. At only $10.00 a month, you can have your listing get exposure without a hefty investment. They even throw in a FREE 14 day trial to your posting. Just like other sites, it gives you a “try before you buy” marketing pitch. If after 14 days you like, only a mere $10 bucks.

Options to the site include the ability to upload multiple images (as long as they are under 1 MB a piece, and you can upload to 8-10); embed video into your listing, links to other listings, your real estate business, address of listing provided automatically by the integration of Google maps API, phone contact, name contact, email form to contact listing agent directly without revealing true email address, and a stat counter of how many view the listing has generated. I am sure there will be many more options provided as this site develops.

If I were to give any negative feedback on the site, it would be on the fact you have to register with the site. Not the worse situation, but this does provide an extra layer of protection for the site because the site registration allows you to edit you listing at any time and delete it if you desire. The registration is also useful as it provides easy administration to continue your 14 day FREE listing once the introductory time has expired.