mintNotice I did not say “you need A mint” – how rude would that be? – but “you need MINT!” You may call it improper English, but I will tell it is much more important than noticing a grammatical error. Let me explain.

I have this nifty plug-in for Firefox (my preferred web browser) called “StumbleUpon!” Essentially what is does is it randomly presents, stumbles upon, a website every time I press the icon. I have it setup to search for sites related to a category of items that include finances, technology, religion, education, computers, web design, etc.

Yesterday I stumbled upon a site that I totally recommend to everyone. One it is FREE! – I always like free. Secondly, it will amaze you at where exactly your money goes. Now, you can do everything in Excel and maybe Microsoft Money or Quicken, but Jada and I have now have Mac’s and this presents new dynamics to programs that run on Windows. will completely change how you look at your money and maybe find for you where you are losing it. It securely accesses your bank information (first it requires you to have an online banking account), and it creates a visual graph to assist in creating a financial budget and know if you have gone above a reasonable percentage within a preset budget limit. (for those of you who have known me for anytime I enjoy money, but am very hesitant in spending it – call it frugal or stingy … I call it “Economically Conscience.”) This tool will allow anyone to see your financial pulse, and make adjustments where they need to be made so we all no longer have to live from paycheck to paycheck.

Honestly, check it out and let me know what you think. We are enjoying the use of this service as we seriously look at our monthly costs and make plans for our future.

Take care,

This was originally posted on back on January 25, 2008 – since this time, we have found to compliment our spending habits and to curb some areas where our monthly expenses go. It has recently been acquired by Quicken and is to remain FREE. Even if Quicken were to charge for this service, I would tend to continue as it is the most helpful financial tool out there on the web.