Gotta hand to my pal and friend @adamsontv for kindly giving me a brief peek at The Almost video shoot that took place back 2 weeks ago. It was rough edit, but man – it is tight and definitely one that you will want to watch over and over again. @AaronRGillespie rocked the drums with Jay Vilardi on acoustic guitar.

That is not the point of this post .. might I introduce you to a new app that is pretty sweet and just downright cool.

Remember the days of the Polaroid cameras, and how it instantly developed before your eyes? Maybe it was not the best quality, but it clearly did the job and I know my parents have many a pictures of my childhood on Polaroid. Heck, you know it was pretty cool concept for the day if the group Outkast did a song; “Hey Ya!” and talked about shakin’ it .. Well, those are the days we, who grew up in that era, will always cherish and never be able to realize because Polaroid decided to pull the plug and discontinue Polaroid film last year. But, let that not stop the tech community and creators of Poladroid.

With Poladroid – you can instantly convert any digital image into a vintage Polaroid. It gives the nice effect of a realistic Polaroid and best part .. you can request a sample of the process at anytime to achieve that undeveloped look. Not all images are treated the same, and it just amazes me that we can now re-live the days of our youth and the days before digital cameras.

Here is a sample of my results:_MG_5042-pola
Taken of my son Hayden during a summer day at the park.

An inside window at the Roofless Building in Area Fifteen (looking outside)

Picture of Little Drummer Boy – Devin

Upclose of @AaronRGillespie