If you have not heard, there is yet another site out there; that I just heard about today, that is hoping to grab your attention and interest. I know for sure it grabbed mine and several others that I follow in the Twittersphere ..

What is About.me? I think it is pure GENIUS .. Too bad I did not think of back in 2008 .. oh well, maybe next time .. Seriously, About.me is a one stop site that has a large “splash page” (have not used that word since my DreamWeaver HTML days) and allows you to have all your Social Media profile links in one place .. It is still important to secure your identity at Facebook.com, Twitter.com, LinkedIn.com, etc .. but this allows you to effortlessly put into your email signatures one website … http://about.me/USER_PROFILE_NAME …

Right now it is a waiting game. But I do have confirmation emails that let me know I have reserved my preferred names and will be getting an email when things are more ready for immediate use.

Get your About.me today!