What was good, just GOT BETTER !! MailChimp is FREE up to 2,000 subscribers (12,000 emails per month) and then you can upgrade if you like.

Everyone in internet marketing knows that the money is in the list.  MailChimp helps to build and manage your list, send email campaigns to the list and even send emails automatically through autoresponder. You just have to write the emails you want the MailChimp to send to your subscribers first. You can do it in one sitting if you can and then MailChimp will send the emails one each day or in the interwals you choose. How cool is that!

A PERFECT solution for a person, small business, church, ministry – ANYBODY! I have been using this option now with my home church, FBCKM – and the analytics are mind boggling. Each campaign has detailed results of how many times a link was clicked, and when each receipt opened the email. It also includes social media (Twitter and Facebook) and, in my opinion, is FAR SUPERIOR to anything that ConstastContact can offer for the price of FREE!