Cannot believe it has been 748 days since we initially placed our house on the “market.” We officially started July 1, 2009 and placed our home for sale by owner (thinking we could sale our house and save anywhere between $3500 and $7000). Easy right? Well, we found ourselves in no better a situation a year later. So, around August/ September 2010 we started to list with one agent in hopes that we could edge ourselves using social media and capitalize on making technology work for us. Continuous listings to CraigsList, several Tweets a week from multiple accounts with sufficient follows in the real estate niche. However, we did not have much success and had to unfortunately move on to a closer real estate agent in the Gastonia area … With several showings in just the first week .. our success would soon trickle to an occasional showing here or there. We then got a good bit of advice to come closer to home .. Therefore, we went with a local Kings Mountain agent who’s signs we literally saw at ever turn .. More visibility and high volume agent meant more likelihood our house would be considered for anyone looking for a starter home or a home to downsize to ..

So, long story short .. OUR HOUSE IS SOLD. Got the confirmation call tonight around 6:30 pM.

All we can say is PRAISE THE LORD!

Thanks for all the prayers, thoughts, encouragement, advice, support .. it has meant the world to us both. Now to move on to what God has called us to.