Has any noticed the creation of the new NBA New Orleans Pelicans Twitter profile? I cannot deem if it is @NOLAPelicans or @NOPelicans .. Kinda confusing, but yet – smart to secure both. Both have pluses and minuses .. I like the take of “No Pelicans” and I can see the limitless jokes ensuing – but not being a native of New Orleans; “NOLA” might be more fitting and create more community and support.
One thing I have noticed, and not sure why they have not capitalized on the name change .. if the current owners are releasing the “Hornets” name and if Charlotte will grab it up and change from the “Bobcats” – then why not retain the 110k followers and allow the “NEW” Charlotte Hornets franchise to build up the Twitter following on their own .. Allow the HORNETS to rebuild the fan base and dominate on the current following that has clearly been established. I see no reason to reinvent the wheel.

Just my thoughts; might not be the most clear – but what’s your take on this interesting discovery?